Inspirations from Italy

It's been a few weeks since we returned from our wonderful Italian adventure to Rome and I've been meaning to share some snaps and inspirations from our time there. As everyone around me now seems to be off enjoying their own adventures as it's the summer hols, I thought it was the perfect time to reflect and post about our own time away.

We spent a full week in Rome, which gave us plenty of opportunity to explore both the classic tourist destinations and discover some wonderful hidden local gems. Whilst strolling around, my eyes were drawn to the fantastic collection of colours on the buildings. Soft peaches, honeyed yellows and brighter oranges all found harmony together to create rows of striking architecture.

Of course the food and the gelato were great and we tested plenty of it to be sure! Away from the hustle and bustle of the main drags we discovered a local trattoria with the best gnocci I think I've ever eaten and a gelateria where they made the gelato on site, where the pistachio flavour was second to none.

There was design inspiration to be found on every corner (as well as a hop on hop off tour bus ticket tout) and we found that Rome turned out to be an eclectic mish mash of jostling modern city & ancient architectural wonder. One thing I learnt was that throughout it's history Rome has reinvented itself many times over, often by tearing down the old and "cutting and shutting" the new parts from the old pieces. 

Here is a gallery of snaps I took whilst we were there, like the city, they are a mish mash of the modern and the old.