Moss & Mint

Moss & Mint is the first colour themed collection for Ruby Cubes. I've found it really exciting to work in this new way, to be guided by the natural inspiration that can be found anywhere in this beautiful part of the world. As promised, here is a little insight into how I've chosen the colours & the inspirations for this green collection.

Above are some photos I took on a gorgeous wintery day in a splendid & slightly hidden place in our village called "the island." This is a tranquil space of green land that exists in the centre of a natural "fork" in the River Avon. The fork curves around this patch of land, which then meets again at the bottom of the island. It's quite magical & is a haven for wildlife as it's kept as close to natural as possible. In the summer you can find wild blackberries and a place to easily get in the river for a wild swim. In the winter when it's all chilly & the trees are bare there's still lots of glorious foliage to enjoy, including a beautiful moss covered bridge, which inspired the name of this collection "Moss & Mint." The sound of the river rushing past and the swirling white ebb & flow makes it 100 times more relaxing than any spotify meditation playlist you might find.

What is so visually arresting to me about moss is that it's got the most amazing texture, with so many micro shades and shadows. It looks endlessly fresh because it changes shade according to the type of light that falls on it. When I took the photo of my slouchy bag on the bridge, it was still quite early in the day & the hazy winter light made the moss look illuminated & gave it a "minty glow" which I thought was breathtaking (see what I did there.. pun intended) By the time I'd walked round the island and back across the bridge, the colour was much more classically dark & "foresty" as the sun had moved past some overhanging trees.

Back in the studio I began playing with colours and patterns & I settled on using two greens to be the "headliners" of the collection. One green I have worked with previously that I had called Kale green (and I have now renamed "moss") and a brand new bright green that I have called "mint." 

It's hard to find space in the small bowls to make room for embroidery and patterns so I made a bold decision to start each colour collection with a large statement bowl, that features the colours & a freehand embroidered design that reflects the theme. So the Moss & Mint statement bowl features both the beautiful greens overlapping, with different densities of thread reflecting the texture of the moss. Finishing with a tassel has become something of a signature for me recently and it's a process I really enjoy, so there's also lots of tassels in both this and the upcoming Pebble & Sea collections. 

Moss & Mint should be live on the website by Mid Feb and remember, I'm always posting new work on my instagram page so if you want some previews of the other collections do have a look there too.

Jessica x