Autumn Arrives

Well Autumn is well and truly here. The leaves are starting to fall to the ground and the bright vivid hues of the season are providing a visual feast. Dark blackberries, leaves & windfall fruits clash vibrantly against the green grass to create a mosaic of colour.

AW18 at Ruby Cubes is all about colour. I’ve chosen six colours for this season, including two brand new blue & red shades. Biro blue is the new blue and is the deepest shade I’ve worked with. It’s almost electric and pops against the rope. It reminds me of scribbling with biros on fresh white paper. Red rust is the new red and it’s a gorgeous sumptuous shade that hints at the gradual, beautiful decay, like the turn of an overripe apple, or a crumbling red brick wall.

The full colour line up is below:


As well as new colours in all your favourite products, there’s also new pieces including these gorgeous gathering baskets. I’ve designed these to look good on the table or the wall with a pleasing swirl pattern, these will prove to be functional and beautiful items for a long time to come. My personal favourite is the blue biro as it just sings against a white wall.

Why not take a look at the new collection in the shop and choose your favourite new colour. Check out the ruby cubes instagram for more collection updates and colour inspo,


Jessica x

Jessica Geach