Behind the Scenes this week

It's been a pretty mad week at Ruby Cubes HQ. The wholesale side of life has gone berserk, with retailers putting in their christmas orders & regular sales picking up too as we head towards the winter months. It's a pleasure to be busy but of course it was the perfect moment for my domestic sewing machine to pack up & sigh "enough".

I dutifully trotted off to my local retailer of janome machines and bought a duplicate - but found that although it sewed beautifully, for some reason it didn't sew as fast as my original. For a normal person this might be nothing but a minor irritation, but for me, with a stack of orders & a tonne of events looming, I knew this was a disaster. 

giphy-downsized (1).gif

After I allowed myself the weekend to work myself into a decent enough panic, I decided that I needed to actually get around to sorting out my pfaff 260 industrial, which I bought in the summer (when my domestic machine broke the first time.) It's never worked quite right for me though, with skipped stitches and snapped needles all causing me a lot of frustration. However I spent a number of hours this week watching some fabulously dry youtube vids of (mostly) older male folks fixing vintage sewing machines. Finally I figured out it was a problem with the needle bar position. A twiddle of a screw and a few tests later and bish bash bosh, I now have a working industrial machine. I am very grateful to those youtube videos as I can now sew at twice the speed. The whole experience (right down to the amazing amount of oil I managed to get all over my desk) left me feeling a bit like this lovely clever character:

giphy-downsized (2).gif

So why am I telling you this? I think it's easy sometimes to look at the instagram feed of a maker and think "oh gosh, it must be marvellous to make things all day long for a living & then spend time with a camera photographing them for social media in lots of lovely styled settings. Uhm, yes absolutely I spend a huge amount of time making things and photographing them. But then I also spend plenty of time swearing at my sewing machine, trying to answer emails at 11pm & pretending to people who call me about my "website needs" that they need to call head office & they're not speaking to the right department. I guess what I'm trying to say is.... it's all balance. For every high, there is definitely a low. But would I swap it for the regular 9-5? Not on your Nelly.

Have a great weekend,

Jessica x

Jessica Geach