Ruby Cubes & "Bohemia" @ Gallery 23 Exhibition

I am delighted to say that this week I sent a Ruby Cubes collection to be exhibited as part of the BOHEMIA exhibition.

Below is the press release information from the gallery for this exciting exhibition:


 “A bohemian is simply an artist who consciously or unconsciously secedes from conventionality in life and in art” Westminster Review 1862

A Bohemian is a non conformist an avant-gardist. They are a free spirited individual.

The intention of “BOHEMIA” @ Gallery 23 is to capture that sense of freedom and liberation of expression. 

It will reflect upon historical and contemporary bohemia, on its origins and its global influences. It will focus on the relaxed well being that this informal ethos brings.

The “BOHEMIA” exhibition is a retreat from the “norm” and a sanctuary from the everyday.

 The exhibition runs from 11th May to 7th October

For more information call 01524 61111 or email

Jessica Geach