Land & Lichen

I’ve mentioned before that some designs just appear to me and some take a long time to be realised. I’d been wanting to make a new artisan bowl for some time but was lacking inspiration…..

Over Easter I road tripped from Dartmoor to Aberdeen and back again with my daughter, to visit family. We stopped a number of times on the way up and back to visit friends - the longest stop being at a friends beautiful farm in Northumberland. Apart from having a brilliant time living it up on the farm for a few days, I couldn’t stop geeking out at the vast landscape. I felt such a sense of familiarity with it as a moorland but at the same time it was completely different. The colours were different - more muted but layered with abundantly growing lichen. The scenery was vast and rugged and the stonework gave away our true location.

From there we travelled further North into Scotland where the landscape changes again. I have always found the Scottish countryside to be breathtaking and it didn’t disappoint me. Last year when we made the same journey it was still snowing and everywhere looked like cakes covered in icing sugar - a magical folklore type of adventure. This year I could see the true beauty of the hills in spring. Glorious!

On our journey south we drove through the Yorkshire Dales, which are of course a fabulous destination in their own right, but as passersby we simply marvelled at the rolling roundness of them before hitting the inevitable gridlock at Manchester.

I knew halfway through the journey that a new artisan bowl design was brewing and that it would feature green, but I had no idea how it would come to realisation. It was a magical moment when I sat down at the sewing machine and all that feeling just flowed into the stitches.

The Artisan bowls are always abstract designs based on adventures. Each part of the stitching represents something. See if you can work out where each of the following feelings are represented:

The joy of spring lambs bounding around the fields with their mammas

The rugged nature of the landscape and the beauty of the abundant lichen which was growing everywhere

The stop start feeling of being on a road adventure

The one black sheep in a field of white sheep


Thanks for reading - see you next time,

Jessica x