Pebble & Sea

Inspired by the Wintery Devon Coast, this beachy collection throws a spotlight on blue hues & natural tones. Here are some of the inspiration photos I took at Wembury Beach in early Jan 2018. 

Whilst the Deep blue I've chosen as the main colour is obvious, it also acts as an anchor for the other slightly less obvious choices. I picked an olive green colour that I've worked with in the past to be the "seaweed" as it's colour fell between the deep green of fresh seaweed and the various green & amber stages of drying seaweed.

The statement bowl that I've created for this collection, features an abstract embroidery that resembles the ocean, the crashing tide mixing with the pebble & sand, as well as strands of strewn seaweed.


Whilst making this collection I also decided to add a new sized skinny rope bowl and slightly alter the small bowl so it has a flatter more stable base. I'm now really happy with the skinny rope bowls and this what the new trio of bowls looks like:


This Pebble & Sea collection as well as the Moss & Mint collection which I wrote about last week will be available to purchase in the shop in about two weeks time. As always, stay tuned to my Instagram for updates!

Jessica x

Jessica Geach