Studio Sale

Okay I'm delighted to announce the Ruby Cubes studio sale will go live on the website on Friday 29th June at 9am. The listings will stay live until I return from annual leave on Monday 9th July.

These are the rules:

First come first served. There is only one of each item. So when it's gone, it really is gone.

There's no returns. I've really knocked the price down on everything listed to get the pieces into new homes and clear my shelves.

Everything is cheaper than it is in the main webshop but most things are without defects, it's just that they were made as design or colour tests. If there is a defect it is noted on the listing (e.g. black mark in middle)

To make this studio sale possible I have not listed the dimensions for each individual product but if you want a general idea please refer to listings in the main webshop (eg a small bowl in the sale will be a similar dimension to a regular small bowl on the website)

Orders will be posted out when I get back from annual leave the week of Monday 9th July. At the very latest they will be posted by Friday 13th July.


I've listed a variety of pieces for sale, including some early work, some that didn't make the current collection and a couple of pieces that are testers for the new collection. There's even an artisan bowl in there!

I don't really do sales because I price fairly and don't have big margins to slash off like the big corporations. Once a year I give a small discount when it's my birthday (in January) and then I try to do a summer studio sale to clear the decks ready for the busy autumn period. Occasionally I give little treats to my newsletter subscribers but otherwise that's it. So fill your boots and enjoy these super knockdown prices, I'm looking forward to the lovely bare shelves ready to be filled with new work!


Jessica x


This bowl and more you can find in the  studio sale

This bowl and more you can find in the studio sale

Jessica Geach