International Women's Day

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HURRAY... I love this day. International women's day & my instagram feed gets filled with joy & strength and a strong sense of community in women and it's fabulous. 

Since I started my own creative business I've met a lot of women along the way. This has been both wonderful & challenging for me, because previously I didn't have a lot of female friends & always found that I had more male friends than female. It's probably because I can be quite blunt & I have zero time for the politics that so often were intrinsic in the female circles of my teenage years & early 20's. 

I'm now into my 30's and I run my own business. Life is very different from when I was 21. I'm a wife and a mum & I have grown as a person. It could just be my age, but I'm building new friendships with women much more easily now. I also think the conversation has been opened up by the me too & times up campaigns, which is excellent. 

So I couldn't let today pass by without giving a big hella yeah to my sisterhood. The women who everyday inspire me to keep doing what I love. To do it well. To do it better. To ignore the negative and focus on the positive. In turn I hope I can inspire other women to go out there and do what they love. I'm not usually one for cliche's but I think this one is valid today:

This is life. It's not a rehearsal, it's happening right now, so go out there & do the things that make you happy. Whilst you're at it support your fellow humans along the way to do the things that they love too.

Next week - back to talking about rope bowls!

Jessica x


Jessica Geach